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Time To 'Toot' The Proverbial Horn Nov 04, 2019 »

Have you noticed how fast this year has gone by already? Here we are facing 'Ole Man Winter and soon the feast of the holidays will be ready to kick into full gear.

With extra food, extra guests, and maybe travel for you, the "gear" you don't want to forget is to have plenty of Wiki Wags brand Disposable Male Dog Diapers on hand for a cleaner, healthier home! After all, you have better things to do than clean up those unwanted messes in the house.

So before you get into the full holiday…

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LET'S PAWS AND TALK! Nov 04, 2019 »

Much inspiration comes when seeing the first signs of Spring. Robins feasting in the yard and fussing at one another. The buds giving way to new leaves on the trees and beautifully sculptured flowers peer up from all around places. Bees beginning to pollinate with the fresh smell of green grass, fruit trees and planted gardens. As the snow melts, the sound of running creek beds rise and water the lands. Yes Spring is one of my favorite times of the year! But...

Spring means more than just…

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Keeping Senior Dogs Active and Healthy Apr 16, 2019 »

As dogs get older, their care requirements change. They may need different food, supplements, and even special assistive devices. Check out these budget-friendly tips so you can keep your pet happy and healthy well into their senior years.

Shop Around for Pet Supplies

Stock up on a few supplies to help your aging pup. For example, older dogs are more sensitive to cold temperatures. With a heated dog bed, a sweater, and extra blankets, you can keep them comfortable. You may also want to pick…

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What Are Your Thoughts Jan 16, 2019 »

On occasion we will get a request or question asking if the disposable diaper wraps come in any other color.

I have been asking the same thing of our manufacturers over the years but as you can see, all disposable diapers for the dogs have been available in "white" only. Many pet owners don't really mind as long as the diaper wraps do the job they were intended to do. However, we do provide the cloth cover wraps for those who want to cover them up when they take their dog on an outing.


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Dec 08, 2018 »

FDA Alerts Pet Owners about Potentially Toxic Levels of Vitamin D in Several Dry Pet Foods

As a multiple pet owner, each are my closest and most loyal members of our family. I'm sure most, if not all, of my followers feel the same way. We don't want, need, or approve of what is being added in our Pet Food or Human Food chain and it's past time for somethings to change! It is absolutely gut wrenching to have to say "farewell" to any of our…

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Vacationing with your Pet Jul 26, 2018 »

Vacationing with the family can be a wonderful time. Taking your pet with you is even better. To have a worry free, stress free good time remember to take plenty of WikiWags Disposable Male Dog Wraps with you.

They don't take much room in the suitcase and are easy to use.

Let us help you get what you need. Order early to get them before you leave. Give us a call, email, or order directly on line . We are happy to help.

Worry free, stress free, is the way to be. Enjoy your vacation!

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Starting Off On The Right Foot - No Presents Jun 27, 2018 »

Whether it's the middle of the night or the middle of the day, there is never a good time to "Step In It"... socks or no socks. And if you are a pet owner, you've probably had this experience at least once!

The good thing is, if you have a male dog in the house who marks those unwanted places you can't always see or maybe even right out in the open, you'll never have this worry again when they wear Wiki Wags brand Disposable Male Dog Wraps...the doggy diaper you can count on!


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Jun 14, 2018 »


Dakota got a new friend about 7 years ago. His name is Bear and he is a Maltese.

When the dogs first met Dakota was nice to Bear. Knowing that Dakota didn't play well with others, this was a surprise. They now tolerate each other.

Dakota misses Bear when he goes for grooming appointments, and greets him when he gets home. Other than this display of affection, Dakota doesn't have much to do with Bear.

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Little Cash and Mom Going Shopping Jun 08, 2018 »

It is always an exciting day when Dad takes Mom and tiny little Cash on an outing, especially when it comes to meeting new people. Cash has never turned down an opportunity for a by-passer to stop and tell him how adorable he looks while sharing a warm pat or scratch behind the ear.

Now if they have a treat for him that's the icing on the cake - or as the little guy would say, "gravy on the bone"! However, a lick or two of frozen doggie yogurt works too.

Authored by: Linda…

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Apr 19, 2018 »


As the family and Dakota settled in, my husband would take her for walks. There was a hiking trail close to the house, that they frequented.

Jack walked Dakota on the trail several times always on the leash, stopping at certain spots to rest and give Dakota a drink of water and a treat.

The next walk on the trail Jack decided to let Dakota run. He took the leash off and away she went. When he caught up with her, she was waiting for him at one of the spots they had stopped…

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Mar 29, 2018 »

Dakota's Homecoming

When Dakota was brought home, she was familiarized with her new surroundings. She did the usual stiffing and smelling and gladly went to into her new yard. My husband, working from home, watched her for a moment or two and went to his office. Shortly after he sat down he heard Dakota bark. She was at the back door. Now, mind you this is not the door she went out to get to the yard. My husband let her in, took her back to the yard, looked for and open gate, a hole that she…

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Exercising in Style Mar 19, 2018 »

When is comes to enjoying exercising in style, this has to be the best for both man and man's best friend! Perfect Day for a leisurely stroll before the pavement gets to hot from the summer heat! Makes one want to get out and join the fun doesn't it...

Authored by: Linda Jangula

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Mar 13, 2018 »

How many times have you spotted fleas on you dog or cat only to have them get away far too quickly ... can't see where they went? Well now you can! Or maybe your pet has a place on his/her skin that they keep scratching but you can't see anything until it becomes infected.

Hot spots, head lice or ringworm a problem and you need a little bright light. The "smartly" Lighted Flea Comb is here to help. Remember, springtime through summer are challenging times for all our family members!


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Jan 31, 2018 »

Meet Dakota!

Our beautiful Red Heeler, also known as Australian Cattle Dog. They are bred for their working ability. There are two colors of Heelers, Red and Blue. They work behind the herd to keep it moving forward. They are incredibly agile and fast and very good at their job. They may nip the heels of the cow if need be, hence the Heeler part of her name. I will tell you that Dakota is a city girl and has never worked with cows. Really, the only herding she has done is to push me to the…

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Jan 19, 2018 »

The Gift of Acupuncture...

After waking up one morning from a completely normal active dog to one that was totally paralyzed in both hind quarters from no apparent reason, was a total shock. X-rays didn't reveal anything conclusive but shell shock with back surgery from 3-5k and possibly reaching up to 10k+ with no guarantees was horrible news. Plus the fact that she was 13 yrs old and may never walk again.

Heartbroken, we took our little Suki home and began to look for alternative answers.…

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Jan 03, 2018 »

Photo via Pixabay by Tasteandtools

Winter Weather and Your Dog

Winter weather can be as dangerous for our small dogs as it can be for us. Ensure that your dog stays safe and healthy.

Your first stop to get ready for colder weather with your dog should be the vet’s office. They can make sure your petite four-legged buddy hasn’t acquired any new health issues, or can help you plan for cold weather effects on current health conditions.

Frostbite and hypothermia are real concerns for…

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