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Dakota's Homecoming
Dakota, the Red Heeler

Dakota's Homecoming

When Dakota was brought home, she was familiarized with her new surroundings. She did the usual stiffing and smelling and gladly went to into her new yard. My husband, working from home, watched her for a moment or two and went to his office. Shortly after he sat down he heard Dakota bark. She was at the back door. Now, mind you this is not the door she went out to get to the yard. My husband let her in, took her back to the yard, looked for and open gate, a hole that she might have dug, but nothing. Puzzled he went back into the house and watched Dakota from the window. It did not take long for him to see how she had escaped.

She jumped, put her front paws on the top railing of the 5' wooden fence and began to climb and pull herself up until she had all four paws on the railing and jumped. She came to the same door.

Dakota did not know what was on the other side of the fence, so she had no idea where or what she was jumping into. All she knew was she wanted to be in the house with her new family.

Authored by Lori Martin

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