Summer Daze

Let's Paws and Talk!

Pollen seems to be everywhere for both humans and their pets so if you are going to be outdoors enjoying the weather, be sure both you and your pet stay well hydrated. Rest in the shade if you feel your overheating or if your pet is showing excessive panting or overheating.

And, remember they can get sunburned, dehydrated and their paws can burn on the hot summer pavements. Keep a cooling towel handy and when you get home be sure to wipe their paws so they are free of pesticides or other chemicals.

Have a happy and safe summer.

Authored by: Linda Jangula

Vacationing with your Pet Jul 26, 2018 »

Vacationing with the family can be a wonderful time. Taking your pet with you is even better. To have a worry free, stress free good time remember to take plenty of WikiWags Disposable Male Dog Wraps with you.

They don't take much room in the suitcase and are easy to use.

Let us help you get what you need. Order early to get them before you leave. Give us a call, email, or order directly on line . We are happy to help.

Worry free, stress free, is the way to be. Enjoy your vacation!


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Starting Off On The Right Foot - No Presents Jun 27, 2018 »

Whether it's the middle of the night or the middle of the day, there is never a good time to "Step In It"... socks or no socks. And if you are a pet owner, you've probably had this experience at least once!

The good thing is, if you have a male dog in the house who marks those unwanted places you can't always see or maybe even right out in the open, you'll never have this worry again when they wear Wiki Wags brand Disposable Male Dog Wraps...the doggy diaper you can count on!


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Jun 14, 2018 »


Dakota got a new friend about 7 years ago. His name is Bear and he is a Maltese.

When the dogs first met Dakota was nice to Bear. Knowing that Dakota didn't play well with others, this was a surprise. They now tolerate each other.

Dakota misses Bear when he goes for grooming appointments, and greets him when he gets home. Other than this display of affection, Dakota doesn't have much to do with Bear.

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Little Cash and Mom Going Shopping Jun 08, 2018 »

It is always an exciting day when Dad takes Mom and tiny little Cash on an outing, especially when it comes to meeting new people. Cash has never turned down an opportunity for a by-passer to stop and tell him how adorable he looks while sharing a warm pat or scratch behind the ear.

Now if they have a treat for him that's the icing on the cake - or as the little guy would say, "gravy on the bone"! However, a lick or two of frozen doggie yogurt works too.

Authored by: Linda…

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Apr 19, 2018 »


As the family and Dakota settled in, my husband would take her for walks. There was a hiking trail close to the house, that they frequented.

Jack walked Dakota on the trail several times always on the leash, stopping at certain spots to rest and give Dakota a drink of water and a treat.

The next walk on the trail Jack decided to let Dakota run. He took the leash off and away she went. When he caught up with her, she was waiting for him at one of the spots they had stopped at…

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