I can only dream about coming in the house to play because when I do, I always mark on things  I don't chew up!  

It's just in my nature I guess but I give it a good try...

Hey, Hey,

   What Foster  Mom Jessica has to say

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Hey "Baby"

Wanna Play...


Disposable Male Dog Wraps

...accidents CAN be a thing of the past

DispoSable Male Dog Wraps

Disposable diapers are not what they used to be. Now you can gain control of your home's comfort once again with the perfect fit protection of Wiki Wags™ Disposable Male Dog Wraps. Our male disposable doggie diaper wrap restores peace and harmony with a whole new dimension. Whether it's a problem with every day potty training, unscrupulous male marking or the unfortunate senior male dog incontinence, now you can relax and throw away that mop! Our dog diapers for the males are an absolute "must have" for male markers.

"Super-Wiks" Piddle  Pads           

...with a super undeniably unique wicking power!

Unbelievably nice, super wicking floor pads are certainly top of the line. Suitable for dogs from puppies to adult. These actually aid in those ever so nasty times that more urine lands on the floor under the pad than on top...they actually wick the urine onto the pad. Also, a real bargain in the amount of pads you will save when you compare them to the cheaper brands because they are so much more absorbent! 

"Baby" can only dream...

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   The folks at Wiki Wags want you to know they are always listening to their customers - which is why they caught the attention of so many faithful followers and interested pet-savvy people who have made them #1. Those tired of washable dog diapers now reach for our  disposable belly bands for male dogs!

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  ...bringing harmony back into the home!


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You can come inside any time and play! Just ask your mom or dad to get you a Wiki Wags brand Disposable Male Wraps. They are great and I don't get in any trouble for marking in the house.

Happiness is a Foster Dog wearing Wiki Wags!

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