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Senior Pets Have Special Needs
Senior dogs enjoy being active and healthy.

Keeping Senior Dogs Active and Healthy

As dogs get older, their care requirements change. They may need different food, supplements, and even special assistive devices. Check out these budget-friendly tips so you can keep your pet happy and healthy well into their senior years.

Shop Around for Pet Supplies

Stock up on a few supplies to help your aging pup. For example, older dogs are more sensitive to cold temperatures. With a heated dog bed, a sweater, and extra blankets, you can keep them comfortable. You may also want to pick up some dog supplements — essential fatty acids, glucosamine with chondroitin sulfate, and probiotics. You can find most of these supplies for affordable prices at stores like Walmart. Just be sure to grab a Walmart promo code before shopping online so you can get cash back on your purchase and save even more!

Let Them Explore

Many owners think their older dogs should avoid exercising too much. Llack of physical activity can actually exacerbate age-related decline and contribute to reduced muscle mass, stiff joints, and heart weakness.

Find Affordable Veterinarians

Book a wellness exam every six months so your vet can catch health problems before they get serious. Your vet will assess your dog’s overall health, checking for arthritis, tumors, signs of pain, and any other irregularities.

You can also save money by shopping around for your pet’s prescriptions. Compare prices at different vet clinics and check out reputable online prescription sites.

Authored by: Nick Burton

Photo by Pixabay

Senior Pets Have Special Needs

Senior Pets Have Special Needs

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