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Red Heelers First Walk
Dakota all grown up, still loves her daily walks.


As the family and Dakota settled in, my husband would take her for walks. There was a hiking trail close to the house, that they frequented.

Jack walked Dakota on the trail several times always on the leash, stopping at certain spots to rest and give Dakota a drink of water and a treat.

The next walk on the trail Jack decided to let Dakota run. He took the leash off and away she went. When he caught up with her, she was waiting for him at one of the spots they had stopped at previously. What a good girl!

He discovered she was not necessarily waiting on him, but the treat. He gave her the treat and away she went to the next stop.

Dakota stopped getting the treats on those walks, and doesn't get them after walks now. However, treats are a big deal.

Authored by Lori Martin

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