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Dakota The Red Heeler - Series 1
Red Heeler Dakota, rescued from NC shelter 10 yrs ago.

Meet Dakota!

Our beautiful Red Heeler, also known as Australian Cattle Dog. They are bred for their working ability. There are two colors of Heelers, Red and Blue. They work behind the herd to keep it moving forward. They are incredibly agile and fast and very good at their job. They may nip the heels of the cow if need be, hence the Heeler part of her name. I will tell you that Dakota is a city girl and has never worked with cows. Really, the only herding she has done is to push me to the pantry where her food is kept. Yes, my heel has been nipped a couple of times. Patience is not a virtue when it comes to food.

Dakota enjoys her daily walks, playing ball, and being at home where she can protect her family. She is very devoted and a great girl.

Authored by Lori Martin

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