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The Gift of Acupuncture
Sophie's taking her first Acupuncture treatment since waking up completely paralyzed in the hind quarters two weeks prior. 

Her regular vet said she'd most likely never be able to walk again and would probably need back surgery that could run anywhere from 3-10k. We decided to try the alternative treatments since we could not afford the surgical expense.

The Gift of Acupuncture...

After waking up one morning from a completely normal active dog to one that was totally paralyzed in both hind quarters from no apparent reason, was a total shock. X-rays didn't reveal anything conclusive but shell shock with back surgery from 3-5k and possibly reaching up to 10k+ with no guarantees was horrible news. Plus the fact that she was 13 yrs old and may never walk again.

Heartbroken, we took our little Suki home and began to look for alternative answers. After just one treatment of acupuncture and electrical stimulation, we have hope! Sophie is able to walk again (almost immediately) can manage a small step and is still weak in her right hind foot but on her good days she prances and has very high spirits. Our biggest problem is getting her to slow down so she doesn't trip herself while working on her therapy exercises.

Don't ever give up!

Authored by:
Linda Jangula


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