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Wiki Wags™ Brand Disposable Male Dog Diaper Wraps.

Latest reviews for Wiki Wags™ Disposables 5/5.0 stars (37 reviews)

Susan B. in Lavon, TX *****
I've used wiki wags for a few years now. It is the best and most absorbent product I've ever used. It is very convenient and is a breeze to order over the internet. It is very economical compared to pet store products. I highly recommend Wiki Wags.
Christine D. in Lavon, TX *****
I have four small male dogs who love taking turn marking every single piece of furniture in my house. The wraps have saved me from having to clean all day after my boys and save the furniture from total destruction.
They are easy to put on and very absorbing. I use a small spritz of doggy perfume on them before I put them on my boys, and it helps keep them smelling fresh. Very good product.
Tammy M in Brandon, FL *****
the diapers work perfectly and my male maltese doesn't really notice they are on.
Karen W in Lavon, TX *****
Medium size disposable male wraps are perfect for my Bichon/Poodle mix. He is a bit chunky in the middle and I love the two adjustable tabs to allow a snug fit and not slide off. The wraps are very absorbent and the adjustable tabs allow the wrap to be used again if not used. My dog is an occasional marker and the wraps are perfect to keep the pee in and no clean up for me. I called and talked to Linda to place my order. She was wonderful and my order arrived quickly. I've tried other name brand wraps, but the Wiki Wags wraps are the best. Thank you. Karen
ANDY M. in Lavon, TX *****
I just wanted to thank you and the company for helping us through some tough times with our old male dog. Your diapers are a savior. Thanks very much. We will continue to buy them over and over again and enjoy our old dog as long as we can.
DEUX in Lavon, TX *****
I love these wraps. We have a 15 year old Cocker Spaniel and live in a high rise. The mornings are hectic, the elevators slow and he has had trouble getting through the lobby to the outdoors. These wraps make our mornings so much less stressful!! It doesn't matter if he gets outside or not because the wraps are designed perfectly to fit around him so that they do not leak! Fabulous product! I would recommend to anyone. They are very true to size--he's 37 lbs and the medium fits snugly but perfectly.
Nancy L in Lavon, TX *****
They're GREAT! ... I have a tiny chi/pap mix that was six (we guess) when I adopted him and I don't see a big change on the horizon as far as his "potty habits" go. He will do "the other thing" outside, but, the "pee thing" is still a problem. I was using the washable wraps until I noticed that they were rubbing him bald along his back! I did a search and found your product! THANKS so much! He seems to be very comfortable with them and I certainly appreciate the way they wick the wet more bulky sani napkins stuck in one of those "bandages!"
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