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Wiki Wags™ Brand Disposable Male Dog Diaper Wraps.

Latest reviews for Wiki Wags™ Disposables 5/5.0 stars (37 reviews)

Lorien in Longwood, FL *****
I have been using WikiWags for my Yorkies for many years. The product is well made and performs exactly as I need. Five stars and so is the service. Thanks for saving my sanity, WikiWags!
Judy in Louisville, KY *****
We have been using the male wraps for my daughter's minpin for about 4 years. As he has aged, he can no longer make it through her work day nor some nights without wetting. It saves her sanity and sleep not to get up and change sheets in the middle of the night. They fit perfectly and he does not seem to mind them at all. Now that I have adopted an adult chihuahua mix, I am ordering some for him. It may be once he gets used to his new surroundings he won't continue to need them at night, but if he does, I'll be ready and no stress.
anthony in New York City, NY *****
I have recently purchase the comb and it works amazing. We live in a wooded area and the comb helps us prevent our cat from fleas and ticks. There have been several occasions that we use this and found them, with out the comb we wouldnt have been able to do so.

Thank you so much!
We have been using Wiki Wags for over 10 years. Linda and her husband have been very helpful, friendly and responsive to our needs. I could not recommend a better company dealing with male dog incontinence.
Barbara M. in Lexington, KY *****
Really impressed on how dry my dog stayed even when he soaked the pad
Michele in Lawrence, KS *****
These things saved my sanity!! My dog is almost 14 years old and he has lost the ability to let us know when he has to go. He whines once and then pees. So we were all stressed out at the puddles that were popping up. This fit him perfectly and he still lets us know when he is wet. I am so happy I found these!!!
Linda in Boise, ID *****
Answer: We have checked with the factory and it is not possible to manufacture the wrap in a wider size at this time. But because of their ability to fit and not roll on the body of the dog, they do remain in place quite well.
Joey B. in Winnetka, IL *****
I'm a repeat customer and for our 19 yr. old Bichon, the male dog wraps are absolutely the best! It's a handy, user friendly aid that is both accommodating to his accidental incontinence issues by allowing our dog to have more freedom to sit on our lap, or lay on the foot of the bed without any messes. It keeps the calm, tranquil atmosphere in the home back to normal as it was when he was a young dog with excellent bladder control. Many Thanks again to the excellent creation of this product, & outstanding service every time !
Nadine in Jonesboro, GA *****
I am a BIG dog lover and have been a pet mom throughout my life so I am used to all kinds of issues. Last year I adopted a little 9 pound male Chi who is the first dog I have been unable to stop from marking in the house. I nearly went insane, but I adore my boy so I had to find a solution and Wiki Wags was the miracle I was looking for. Joey doesn't mind at all wearing these disposable male bands and both he and his pet mom are very happy! Thank you so much!!!
Bennett in Wylie, TX *****
They work; seem comfortable; don't bother the dog; easy to put on and off; no mess.
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