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Wiki Wags™ Brand Disposable Male Dog Diaper Wraps.

Latest reviews for Wiki Wags™ Disposables 5/5.0 stars (37 reviews)

Diane P. in Franklin, TN *****
These wraps are perfect!!! I have tried others and these are the only true non- leakage wraps. Our dog is 12+ yrs old and totally incontinent but, as a result of using Wiki Wags wraps, he is free to wander anywhere in our home without worrying about the floors or furniture. I love that the adjustable tabs can be placed anywhere on the strip!! And, no matter how much he pees, there has never been any leakage and his skin stays dry and odor free!! These wraps are so nice and wide (all others were narrow), very comfortable, never irritates his skin, are so soft and look very neat. These wraps have, most definitely, "brought harmony back into our home" and happiness to our little guy!!
Nicki's M. in Summerville, SC *****
I've been using for about a year. It's a small price to pay for my home to no longer be a marking ground for my chihuahua mix guy. I was tired of coming home to not only missed potty pads, urine soaked coffee table, couch leg, etc., but also having to clean and mop after working all day. Nicki now gets a diaper Mon-Fri, I come home remove, wipe his belly area, and relax!
Susan B. in Philadelphia, PA *****
I have a little 5 pound male poodle. He is housebroken, but likes to mark around the house. I've tried everything to stop this behavior , but the vet said little ones like Jake just do this behavior . I start using Wiki Wags and life is much easier and I don't have to punish Jake any longer. It's just a blessing. Thanks Wiki wags.
Cindy F. in Bay Harbor Islands, FL *****
Works great for our 7 pound toy poodle!
Linda H. in Stow, OK *****
Awesome product great shipping time too!
Gwen H. in Middletown, CT *****
Charlie likes them my dog and I do too these are the best diapers
Doris H. in Millersburg, OH *****
I love these dog wraps. Saved my sanity. I have an 18 year old miniature schnauzer and he has no control of his bladder. These wraps were a life saver. I no longer have to constantly clean my floors. Thank you so much for a great product.
Christine D. in Greensboro, NC *****
These diapers are a life saver. I have four small male dogs who love marking everything. These wraps save me a lot of cleaning. They are easy to put on and stay put until it's time to change them. I found that using a baby wipes between changes help keep the dogs clean and fresh.
Seth W. in Lakewood, CO *****
The wraps fit our mini-Chion (7 lbs) perfectly and the quality is better. We had one minor shipping bump and it was corrected immediately. I wish everybody did business this way. Thanks Wiki Wags!
Julene S. in Walnut, CA *****
This is the perfect answer! We have a puppy mill rescue dog that we have been unable to housetrain. I made some "diapers" but he always seem to leak out of them. Plus I had to soak them and wash them. These are re-usable when they aren't dirty and disposable when they are dirty! Perfect for our situation.
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