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Wiki Wags™ Brand Disposable Male Dog Diaper Wraps.

Latest reviews for Wiki Wags™ Disposables 5/5.0 stars (37 reviews)

Susan G. in Flippin, AR *****
These are awesome for my old beagle/basset. He sleeps in them at night. Tried lots of brands and these are the best.
Janet L. in Kings Park, NY *****
Wiki Wags are so much easier to put on my Japanese Chin with all his hair. He seems more comfortable, too.
Chris S. in West Hills, NY *****
Easy to use, absorbent, ans less expensive than other brands!
Carla C. in Pasadena, CA *****
Stays on very well!
Judith E. in Houston, TX *****
These have been a lifesaver for my daughter and her little min-pin with incontinence issues. They go on easily, can be easily repositioned if you don't get it right the first time, stay on (even when he is moving around under the covers sleeping at night), and if no wetting occurs, are reusable. He doesn't even seem to notice he has them on. VERY HAPPY!
Louise K. in Lavon, TX *****
I have tried numerous brands of doggie diapers. These by far are the best fitting ones. They stay on!!!. I have to buy online as there is no store that carries them near me . So worth it .
Debra H. in Lavon, TX *****
Love the male wraps. My 14 yr old beagle seems to be very comfortable and I like the way they fit. So far no leaks. Very satisfied
Cynthia S. in Lavon, TX *****
Our Shih Tzu has undergone bladder surgery twice and loves to mark territory. Wiki-Wags keeps him from ruining the house and keeps him dry! Much better than reusable wraps that can cause diaper rash.
Theresa G. in Lavon, TX *****
Easy to use, perfect fit, and no leaks!
Better than anything you will find in the pet stores! WE LOVE THEM! This is the second dog we have used them with!! Thank u Wiki Wags!!
Pat B in Lavon, TX *****
Love your product The best wraps on the market. No leakage at all. Thanks
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