When shopping for Quality WHolesale dogie diapers and belly bands for dogs you need Wiki Wags™ Brand Disposable Male Dog Wraps - the ultimate in customer satisfaction. They truly are The Answer.


With four great sizes – each size having a 7″ adjustability, dual “Re-adjustable” tabs that stick anywhere on the logo strip, super absorbency and enhanced with each increased size. They stay comfortably in place and don’t spin on the waist, plus it won’t cause rashes due to the Wiki Wags™ Brand Disposable Male Dog Wraps design that really “wicks” that urine away from the body leaving the dog dry and odor free.

Wholesale Purchasing Requirement – Business License / Resale Tax Certificate.

We can ship any size order from a case to a container nationwide in the USA or Canada.

Contact us to make a wholesale purchase.

Ph: 888-945-4924

XS W/S Case = 12/12ct pks


Med W/S Case = 12/12ct pks


SM W/S Case = 12/12ct pks


Lrg W/S Case = 12/12ct pks


SuperWik Piddle Pads - Case = 4/50 ct pks 24"x24"