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Wiki Wags Disposables

...Accidents CAN Be A Thing Of The Past!

Disposable Male Wrap

Gain control of your home's comfort once again with the perfect fit protection of Wiki Wags™. Our male disposable wrap restores peace and harmony with a whole new dimension. Throw away that mop!

Wiki Wags™ Super-Wiks

Unbelievably nice, super wicking piddle pads are certainly top of the line. Suitable for dogs from puppies to adult. The real bargain is in the amount of pads you will save - in comparison to the cheaper brands!

Wiki Wags™ brand Disposable Male Dog Diapers - in a Wrap & Super-Wik Piddle Pads

Locations in Texas, Alabama, Washington, and more

Accidents can be a thing of the past and comfort consistently enjoyed with Wiki Wags™ Disposable Male Dog Diaper Wraps and Super-Wik Piddle Pads. Providing you with top notch solutions to unfortunate male dog spraying and sudden urination, these products help protect your home or office surfaces without adding any form of discomfort to your beloved dogs. Shipping to various locations across the country including Texas, Alabama, Washington and more. Our male dog disposable diapers are available at unbeatable online prices, offering you great savings!

When potty training fails or territorial instincts take over, it becomes a difficult and often embarrassing task to restrain your canine friends from making a mess out of anything from the living room sofa to the bedroom carpet. It’s much worse when you’re visiting family and friends or traveling. With Wiki Wags™ Disposable male dog diaper wraps, you don’t have to worry about wasting time cleaning surfaces or spending unnecessary money for professional cleaners. Thoughtfully made out of durable and comfortable material, our wraps give your pups a cozy potty training solution and you an effective way of protecting your furniture and home.

For the very best, check out Wiki Wags™ brand Disposable Male Dog Diapers Wrap and our Super-Wik Piddle Pads available through our online shop. Our items are also available locally at selected stores in Texas, Alabama, Washington, New York and more. For a full list of suppliers near you, check out our Locations page.      

Why Male Dogs Mark or Spray

Some folks still believe that their pet is just being spiteful, or it only happens with male in-tact dogs, so let me just clarify a few of these ideas. There are many reasons for this behavior.

Male marking is often times a territorial issue. Whether neutered or not, male or female, this is an instinctual habit that seems to enhance as the hormones begin to mature (approximately 6 to 9 months in most breeds). It is especially prominent when more than one dog is in the household or a female is in heat.

Then there is the issue of prior marking. It is extremely hard to get prior urine/fecal matter completely out of carpets, drapes, furniture, etc. A dog has many more nasal sensors than any human being can imagine. With approximately 200 million nasal olfactory receptors, they can detect and pass information to the brain in the time it takes to stop and sniff a mailbox. In that short time, they can tell the entire history of that mailbox and every detail encountered. Hiring professionals to do a heavy duty job cleaning can not remove every olfactory scent.

Your dog may have medical reasons like bladder or urinary issues, or incontinence due to weak muscle control. Take your pet to a Vet for a thorough check up before sentencing him/her to the back room or outside.

"Super-Wik" Piddle Pads
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