WRAP SIZES:                      

XS = fits waist  6"-13"         
S  =  fits waist 12"-19"
M = fits waist 18"-25"
L =  fits waist 25"-32"


  24" X 24"

Our Doggie Diapers

We really do

..."bring harmony back into the home" with our Disposable Male Dog diaper Wraps! 

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What's  stopping you?


Prevents Spot Marking in the house, Excitable Tinkling, Social Visit Accidents, Travel Marking, and aides in Senior Incontinence, Cancer or other health related bladder issues; also great for handicap dogs.

With dual re-adjustable tabs, they can be taken off when going outside and put back on when returning indoors. 

Want to have your pet featured on our Wiki Wags page??? Email us with your photo of him wearing his Wiki Wags brand Disposable Male Dog Wrap in 6x4 .jpg to:  info@wikiwags.com

Meet some of our Wiki Wags Customers

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We are the home of the "original"  Disposable Male Dog Wraps.  Our Wiki Wags brand is a Registered Trademark and our disposable male dog wraps are also Design Patented.  Being super efficient, our male wraps are made for extra absorbency with our Advanced "Lock-In" Technology which keeps the dog's body dry and comfortable.

​Our disposable belly bands are great for those males who just can't seem to resist lifting a leg in the house! The wraps are mde to be worn around the waist only and are extremely easy for them to get used to wearing. Many even enjoy wearing them because of the freedom they gain and the level of stress that is reduced in the household.

Wiki Wags brand Disposable Male Dog Wraps holds an enormous amount of liquid that stays locked away from the dog's body, leaving the hair dry and odor free. Try for yourself and see the difference when your home returns to normal without all the burdensome clean-ups.